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During our visit to his village, Pastor Richard asked if we had by chance a wheel chair for a disabled lady at his church. Not by chance but by providence God had prompted me to bring one. The airline allowed it free of charge. For 4 weeks we were unsure of where it was to go. Grace has crawled on her knees for years to attend church. She had polio and was left with nearly useless legs. Truly, she is the poorest of the poor.

In the photo above you can see Grace’s small dilapidated hut in the background. Her hut is made of sticks, mud and cow manure as she is unable to make bricks.  The roof obviously leaks.

After a short training session with the wheelchair, we suggested Grace end the day’s practice and wait until the next day to practice again, to prevent her muscles from becoming stiff and sore.  Slowly, she lowered herself to the ground.  Then, with her hands covering her eyes, she sang a song of thanksgiving to God for her new wheel chair as Pastor Richard translated.

Enlarge Photo                                                    Enlarge Photo


My heart went out to Grace as I noticed her dress with holes worn through the knees from crawling. It was in dire need of washing but her water supply is severely limited. The arm rest of the wheelchair is being removed to give Grace more clearance to reach the wheels to propel her chair.   Keith

Also note that Richard is an amputee. In Uganda folks call him "Richard Single" Besides Pastor he also teaches disabled children at the local school. He makes $98 a month and pastors for free.    Keith        

Enlarge Photo                                                           Enlarge Photo

Grace expressing her joy in the Lord, even after crawling 4 blocks to get to church for Sunday morning worship

These photos were taken 2 weeks prior to Grace receiving her new wheel chair.

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