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Hands Across Nations grew out of a short term mission trip to war torn Northern Uganda in 2001. 

The plight of the Langi people, suffering under the attacks of brutal rebels, pierced our hearts and we have been returning to the Lira area every year.

Our volunteers provide assistance for

physical, spiritual, and educational needs

where God directs us.


Since 2014 HAN has been deeply involved full time developing an adult literacy program for the Langi people. The object is to teach villagers how to read so they can read the bible. To date close to 20,000 village people have enrolled with over 2,000 volunteer teachers trained. The "Learning to Read to Read the Bible" program has also been taken into 2 of the 15 prisons in the Lango sub region. Uganda Prison authority has requested the program be taken into all 15 prisons.



Peter Pule, Head Teacher Trainer consults with teachers on follow up visit to the village of Awio. 
Note: Their new brick church is being constructed around the old grass thatch hut church building. 
Disabled learner Margret is identifying every place in the lesson a newly introduced  word appears.  Classes are interactive to help with comprehension and memory.

Hands across Nations is committed to expressing God’s love to the poor and vulnerable of all races and cultures by improving their spiritual, physical and educational well being while developing
ways for them to overcome poverty.

Keith and Carolyn Jones
HAN Missionaries to Uganda